About us

About Us

Welcome to Film Festival Post, where the magic of cinema meets a community’s passion.

We are proud to announce that Film Festival Post is a distinctive division of Student Filmmakers Magazine, a beacon of inspiration and guidance for film aficionados and creators across the globe. Founded amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City and the creative heartbeat of Dallas, Texas, our legacy is deeply rooted in the crossroads of culture, innovation, and artistic expression.

Our digital neighborhoods expand further, inviting conversations, collaborations, and a celebration of cinema on platforms such as www.studentfilmmakers.com, www.studentfilmmakersforums.com, studentfilmmakers.network, and for those seeking tools and memorabilia, www.studentfilmmakersstore.com.

You can find our home office nestled within the iconic 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, but our true essence is felt in every story told, every filmmaker we support, and every movie lover we connect with.

Our mission is simple yet profound. We aspire to champion filmmakers at every step of their journey, from the budding student capturing their first shot to the seasoned director presenting their magnum opus. We believe in the transformative power of stories and their ability to touch souls, challenge norms, and shape our world. By fostering an environment of learning, innovation, and collaboration, we aim to ensure that every filmmaker, irrespective of their level, finds a home with us.

Join us, as we delve deeper into the world of cinema, uncovering stories, and igniting imaginations. Together, we’re not just watching films; we’re shaping the future of filmmaking.

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